We have a number of items for the members to use.

The cart and ladders are located in the communal seating area.

So they don’t go missing they are padlocked. The key for the gates will also operate this padlock.

If you use any equipment please return it to the location and if necessary secure it properly.

For access to the green container that house the strimmer, lawn mower and other items please see the list of key holders below.

The container is usually open most weekends.

  • Plot 2 – Dan
  • Plot 6 – Ged
  • Plot 14- BrendanB
  • Plot 15 – Mike B
  • Plot 34- Mike R
  • Plot 41 – Brendan R
  • Plot 54 – Liz
  • Plot 58 – Neville
Please note these people volunteer to hold keys so do not expect the container to be open every time one of them is on the plot.